About us

The main goal

The Jules Isaac Foundation is a Dutch-based Christian foundation, named after the French Jewish historian Jules Isaac. About our stated goals and principles you can read here.

The main goal of the Jules Isaac Foundation is to promote the further development of a fully fledged Christian theology which will be truly free of supersessionism. This indeed ambitious and long term goal will only be realized through cooperation of Christian and Messianic Jewish theologians around the globe. Other Jewish scholars are as well very welcome to join the conversation. We intend to encourage and advance such international cooperation of likeminded theologians.

What is missing

Last year 2014 we made an astounding discovery. Being engaged already for years in research on supersessionism issues it dawned on us for the first time that there seems to be not one Christian research institute specifically dedicated to the development of a truly post-supersessionist Christian theology. Considering the utmost seriousness of the theological problem of supersessionism in the Christian tradition, this is a rather strange and deplorable gap indeed. Especially when one takes into account the 'wirkungsgeschichte' of the closely related anti-Judaist bias in Christian theology throughout the ages. Last year 2014 we shared our discovery with several major theologians in this field of study and asked them whether our assessment was right. They confirmed the absence of such an institute. And they did an appeal to us to make a serious attempt to fill this gap.

What we plan to do

The establishment of a fully fledged research institute is no doubt a huge and demanding enterprise. It goes way above the present capacities of our small new foundation. But we do believe strongly in the power of ideas. And if this is a good idea (and we believe it is) it has a real potential of being realized. Surely not solely by our present modest foundation but by the cooperation of enough solid and qualified partners in the years ahead. After some months of deliberations we decided, as a first step toward this lofty goal, to develop an English research website. We intend it to be a helpful and stimulating tool for theologians, students and pastors worldwide. The idea is to build a database containing much useful information on post-supersessionist theology and related issues. Through the website this information is readily accessible. The research website should stimulate research and networking among likeminded theologians in the global Christian community. We hope and pray that under the Lord's blessing and in the context of such a network the conditions will be met that are needed for the future establishment of the research institute that is so painfully missed at present.

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